Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG W176 (Pre-Facelift) Flow-Lock Rear Diffuser

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Experience Flow-Lock rear diffuser for your A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176), sharing the same durability and technology as our renowned Volkswagen Golf, i30N and Ford Focus RS line up which is trusted by car enthusiasts worldwide.

The rear valance and diffuser fins will clear the A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176) dual exhaust tips with ease, and rear bumper removal is not necessary for installation of the diffuser. 10 year warranty applies for the rear valance (excludes ABS fins).

The Flow-Lock interlocking system allows for the final assembly of the diffuser fins without tools or fasteners. A simple push and click and the kit is assembled and ready for installation - this means zero exposed hardware giving you the cleanest look for your A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176) rear. Front lip splitter is also available for the A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176).

No more L-brackets, no additional exposed hardware and no double-sided tape, experience the Flow-Lock difference today!  

Valance is installed to the car through bolts and nuts while the Flow-Lock diffuser fins simply click into the valance (once locked into the valance it is secure). It is also possible to install when your car is on the ground.

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