Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG W176 (Pre-Facelift) - Rear Spat Winglets (Pair)

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Complete the aggressive aesthetic of your A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176) rear with our rear spats - known for their durability and strength. Installation does not require bumper removal!

Our newly developed A45 AMG Pre-Facelift (W176) range shares the same strength, durability and technology as our popular Volkswagen Golf, i30N and Ford Focus RS line up which is trusted by many enthusiasts. Pre-pressed brass fittings on the rear pods allow for installation of our A45 AMG (W176) rear winglets and A45 AMG (W176) rear spat extensions (both sold separately) to allow for further customisation to individual taste.

All our lip splitters have a 10 year warranty and are made from a thick polyethylene composite, making it the strongest product of its type on the market. Each splitter is model specific in its development and design to ensure perfect fitment. The entire production process is done is our Bayswater factory making us proudly Australian made and owned.

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