Flow Designs Full Lip Splitter Kit With Rear Diffuser - Ford Focus MK3 RS

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Rear Diffuser Option: EUDM/AUDM (Rear Fog Light Version)
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Suitable For Ford MK3 Focus RS

PLEASE NOTE: there are TWO versions of the rear diffuser, as the American (USDM) MK3 Focus RS rear does not have the rear lower fog light, and the European/Australian (EUDM/AUDM) MK3 Focus RS has a rear lower fog light. Please choose your correct rear bumper (USDM or EUDM/AUDM) in the option above when you place an order.

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Package price for this set includes:

Please note you are receiving a special price when you purchase the Ford Focus MK3 RS complete body kit splitter set.


Make your Ford MK3 Focus RS unique with the Flow Designs body kit lip splitter kit, complete with front lip & side skirt extension splitters, rear diffuser, rear spats/pods & adjustable accessories. Flow Designs splitters, with a 10 year warranty and are the most durable on the market, with guaranteed fitment to your MK3 Focus RS & easy installation.

Front, side, rear spats and all accessories included & rear under spoiler & fairing.

MK3 Focus RS Lip Splitter Kit Includes:

  • MK3 Focus RS Front Lip Splitter
  • MK3 Focus RS Front Bumper Reinforcement Bracket
  • MK3 Focus RS Side Skirt Extension Splitters (Pair)
  • MK3 Focus RS Flow-Lock Rear Diffuser (please choose EUDM/AUDM or USDM)
  • MK3 Focus RS Rear Pods/Spats (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK3 Focus RS Front Lip Splitter Extensions (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK3 Focus RS Front Lip Splitter Winglets (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK3 Focus RS Side Skirt Extensions Winglets (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK3 Focus RS Rear Pods/Spats Winglets (Pair)
  • 2 Flow Designs stickers
  • Fitting kit

MK3 Focus RS Lip Splitter Kit Material & Finish:

  • Front lip splitter, side skirt splitters, rear valance, rear pods/spats: 10mm thick polyethylene composite, bevelled edges
  • Hand polished satin black
  • Rear diffuser fins and accessories: scratch resistant textured ABS plastic

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