Volkswagen Golf MK7 R Full Lip Splitter Set with Flow-Lock Rear Diffuser

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Accessories: WITHOUT Accessories
Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Mount: WITHOUT Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Mount
Optional Extras: WITHOUT Window Vents & Spoiler Extension
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: North American MK7R models may not have the factory VW lower crossbar required for hard fixing the crossbar mounts. Modifications may be required for correct installation - please contact us for more information.

Regions where crossbar mounts may be incompatible: USA, Mexico, Brazil.

Package price for this set includes:

  • MK7 Golf R front lip splitter V3
  • MK7 Golf R side skirt splitters V3
  • MK7 Golf R rear lip spats/pods V3
  • MK7 Golf R Flow-Lock rear diffuser
  • WITH or WITHOUT accessories (front extensions, front winglets, side winglets, rear winglets)
  • ADD: Rear Window Vents (Pair), Rear Spoiler Extension &/or Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Mount if desired.


The Flow Designs splitter set is the best exterior mod for your VW MK7 Golf R! With front & side splitters & rear valance, Flow Designs offer the strongest splitters on the market. All our splitters are made from a thick polyethylene composite, making it the strongest product of its type on the market, watch our stress test to see how durable our splitters are.

Kit Includes

  • MK7 Golf R front lip splitter V3
  • MK7 Golf R Stainless steel crossbar mounts (pair: left & right)
  • MK7 Golf R side skirt splitters V3 (pair)
  • MK7 Golf R Flow-Lock rear diffuser 
  • MK7 Golf R rear lip spats/pods V3 (pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK7 Golf R front extensions (pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK7 Golf R front winglets (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK7 Golf R side winglets (Pair)
  • WITH all accessories package: MK7 Golf R rear winglets (Pair)
  • 2 Flow Designs stickers
  • Fitting kit with black stainless hardware

Material & Finish

  • Front lip splitter, side skirt splitters, rear aero valance, rear pods/spats: 10mm thick polyethylene composite, bevelled edges
  • Hand polished satin black
  • Flow-Lock diffuser fins OR rear fairing: scratch resistant textured ABS plastic
  • Window Vents: 4.5mm scratch resistant textured ABS plastic, CNC engraved logo and features
  • Rear Spoiler Extension: 4.5mm scratch-resistant reversible textured (Top) with hi-gloss acrylic underside, CNC engraved logo and features
  • Fire Extinguisher Bracket/Mount: 3mm Stainless Steel, Powder-coated Texture Black

NOTE: Upon receiving the item, please ensure that the part is indeed the correct item you have ordered. This can be achieved by checking labels on the packaging. Please also ensure a proper test fit of the item is conducted prior to paint and/or installation. Returns/Warranty claims will be voided if the item has been tampered with, or is no longer in resalable/new condition.

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