HKS Oil Cooler Kit for Toyota GR Yaris GXPA16

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  • The concept is OEM fitment for GR Yaris but also improved cooling performance.
  • Although it is a stock replacement, we designed it bigger for future power improvement. It is also effective when driving on the tracks. The use of a new multilayer core minimizes weight, reduces pressure loss, and improves cooling performance.


Allows oil temperature management required for high power.

Without Bumper

With Bumper

■Kit Includes

Oil Cooler Core

Billet Aluminum Sandwich Plate


Oil Cooler Pipe

Oil Cooler Hose (#AN10)

 ■Development Concept & Features

  • Perfect Oil management with output increase modification.
  • Provides a cooling performance that allows the vehicle to perform many laps.
  • Traditional layout allowing both oil and water temperature control.
  • Although Turn-Flow Type Core has small core surface for improved cooling performance. 
  • Oil aluminum pipes are a highly efficient style that makes effective use of limited space.

■HKS Test Data

Track Data
Track Name FSW Short Course
Surface Asphalt
Length 810m~920m
Turms 4~8
Temperature 25℃
Test Vehicle
Suspension HIPERMAX S
Intake HKS Cold Air Intake System
ECU Power Editor
Turbo Stock
Intercooler HKS Intercooler Kit
Oil HKS SUPER OIL Premium 0W-20




HKS has tested various ways that the danger of high chronic oil temperatures raises with GR Yaris, and HKS has developed a Turn-Flow Type oil cooler that allows continuous track driving. This provides competent oil management and continuous sustained performance.
The tests showed a clear high level of oil management, with about four times as many hours/miles driven in stock conditions. Authentic tests using real vehicles prove the high standards of HKS product.

NOTE: Upon receiving the item, please ensure that the part is indeed the correct item you have ordered. This can be achieved by checking labels on the packaging. Please also ensure a proper test fit of the item is conducted prior to paint and/or installation. Returns/Warranty claims will be voided if the item has been tampered with, or is no longer in resalable/new condition. 


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