Invidia Equal Length headers suit WRX and STI

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Invidia Exhaust Header Subaru WRX STI Invidia produces high performance parts for todays hottest tuner cars Invidia knows that automotive enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to extract more power from their engines and improve the driving experience Using only the highest quality materials Invidia manufactures components that improve performance while remaining stylish Invidia manufactures their exhaust systems specifically for each application to guarantee precise fitment and power gains Invidia has applied their knowledge of automotive performance to a myriad of makes and models constantly refining and improving their product and design process Invidia offers several exhaust system product lines to meet the expectations of nearly any automotive enthusiastInvidia headers are crafted to maximize your engines power by freeing up exhaust flow directly from the cylinder head Headers direct the exhaust gases from the cylinder head individually before merging them together in the collector Factory exhaust manifolds are not built with maximum performance in mind Manufactures aim to reduce costs simplify manufacturing and reduce noise Invidia has worked to minimize bends in their exhaust headers to help increase flow The increase in flow will not only increase your engines horsepower and torque output but it will also allow for a more aggressive exhaust note during idle and acceleration Aside from the increase in power Invidia exhaust headers feature a polished stainless steel finish to dress up your engine bay making them much more attractive than the often cast exhaust manifolds they replaceFeaturesStainless steel constructionIncrease in horsepower and torqueMore aggressive exhaust note than stock manifoldReduced bends to increase exhaust flowPolished finish.

2.5 Litre Sump Must be used with these headers.