OEM Style Carbon Fiber Upper Front Backrest Cover for BMW 2 Series G42 / 3 Series G20 / M3 G80 / M4 G82 / M8 F91 F92 F92 / X3M F97 / X4M F98

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This product is manufactured by using high quality Pre-Pregged (Dry) Carbon Fiber. In addition to the standard Pre-Pregged carbon process our product has been designed using 3D scanning data and produced within a CNC metal mold. This manufacturing technique will ensure our parts will look better, fit better and be much more durable than the competition. For more information about which Carbon suits you click here.

This item is to be installed with double sided tape. 

This item is made to suit the following Vehicles from BMW. 

2 Series G42
3 Series G20 LCI
M3 G80
M4 G82
M8 F91 F92 F92
X3M F97
X4M F98

For Non M Cars your car will need to be optioned with the Sport Seats 

For M Cars your car will need to be the basic NON Carbon Seats 

Please make sure you have the same seats as the photos above.

In this package, you will receive the following:

  • OEM Style Carbon Upper Front Backrest Cover Carbon Fiber for BMW 2 Series G42 / 3 Series G20 / M3 G80 / M4 G82 / M8 F91 F92 F92 / X3M F97 / X4M F98
  • Installation Hardware (If Applicable) 

This item is simple to install, however it is always our recommendation that this item be professionally installed for guaranteed satisfaction. If you are located in Melbourne and need installation please contact us here.

Not local to us? We have certified dealers / installers across Australia who can assist. 

Follow us on Instagram @zerooffset and be sure to check out our Facebook page for all the latest updates.

Upon receiving the item, please ensure that the part is indeed the correct item you have ordered. This can be achieved by checking labels on the packaging. Please also ensure a proper test fit of the item is conducted prior to paint and/or installation. Returns/Warranty claims will be voided if the item has been tampered with, or is no longer in resalable/new condition.


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